Sermon Engagement Product Walk Through

Link Your YouTube Sermon

Make it easy for your congregation to access your sermons.  
Add the link to your recorded YouTube sermon. Add the date you delivered it and the title.

Write Your Grounding Verse

Keep Scripture and your exposition front and center.
Copy and paste your verses straight from the YouVersion Bible app.

Write Out Your Key Take Away

Make it easy for your congregation to follow. Ensure that you have a key point you want to express. 

Upload Your Video

After taking your 1-3 minute video, upload it. 

Ask one key question

Make sure your congregation can focus on the key issue and let them respond to start a conversation within their small group. 

Review and Publish

Scroll and see the added summary. 
Repeat and add as many as you feel you can or should.

Delegate, Review and Approve

Ask other staff, elders, elder candidates, even talented congregants to add their summaries based on your sermon. 
Extend the teaching responsibilities to those who hold the responsibility to teach. Spread the load of ensuring the entire church engaged and lives out the message.