Increase Sermon Engagement

Create Short Video Summaries

Create TikTok-style summaries of your sermon 
Go back to your outline and create a short, succinct key point. This will help your longer sermons. No dancing required. 

Highlight Key Scripture

Bullet out the key Scriptures you used
Biblical illiteracy is not solved by sermons. In fact, many who go to church derive their understanding of scripture almost entirely from sermons. This keeps them illiterate which hurts your church and jeopardizes their spiritual growth. 
Start with the Scriptures you used and invite them and your leaders to connect other verses and ask questions about context together. 

Enable Small Group Discussion

Small groups can comment directly 
Encourage growth and study of the word such that they grow in noble mindedness. 
Encourage growth and study between Sundays. 

Increase Teaching Opportunities

Small groups can also directly ask the pastor questions about the sermon. Threads stay within the small group for privacy while providing edification.
This allows pastors to help their congregation deepen their understanding while opening up lines of communication in a scalable way.